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We’re covering everything from stock market pumps to get rich quick scams and everything in between.

We’ve partnered up with other bloggers in the space who will be helping provide insight into certain scam offers that launch on a regular basis.

So what scams will we be covering on the blog? Let’s take a look:

Stock Market Pumps

Ever watched the film Wolf of Wall Street? If you have you’ll know all about stock market pumps but you might think they are a thing of the past. Unfortunately boiler rooms still pump up stocks and sell them to people who can then end up losing a fortune, sometimes life savings!

Often the scams are pushed via email and social media. This is the modern world we live in now and it’s not just the phone that can sell. We’ll be sharing these and keeping you informed so you don’t fall victim.

Binary Options

Binary options is a complete scam and we’ve never found anyone who has ever made a penny in binary options from using some scam software. Fortunately binary options has been banned in the USA but there are still the odd scams that get through so you need to be aware.

Plus binary options has not been regulated in places like the UK and Europe so it’s important to stay ahead of these scams if you are from these places.

Get Rich Quick Scams

Get rich quick scams are basically these websites you come across that claim they have a magic push button solution for making money. We will be reviewing many of these with the help of friends too.

Often the claims that are made are ridiculous. Just today we started to review one that actually claimed you could make 23k in a day from pushing 1 button which is obviously a complete joke and a scam.

By the way, we will recommend the odd program too if we feel that it can help you make money, we are personally learning freelance marketing from affiliate marketing expert Keala Kanae after coming across a review by NoBsImReviews.com (one of our partners here at Repta.net).

Cryptocurrency MLM Scams

Have you heard about bitcoin? If you haven’t then what have you been doing for the past few months? Everyone is talking about bitcoin and many people are investing in it too.

In fact we actually have a few $1,000 in Bitcoin to see if it really can go to the kind of crazy levels that “experts” predict it can.

That being said where there’s hype there will always be scammers looking to capitalise on that and that’s where the cryptocurrency MLM scams come in.

How does this scam work?

The scammer sets up a website and claims that they have put together a team of expert traders who will invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and make a huge return on investment.

Since bitcoin is going up at an alarming rate (even though it doesn’t always go up) the scammers will use this hype to their advantage and try and get people to invest money. They will state that trading bitcoin is hard unless you are an expert so they ask that you invest with them and they will trade for you.

The problem is, you end up paying the scammer in bitcoin which is untraceable and then the whole scheme folds. The “expert” traders never existed in the first place and you’re unable to get your money back.

In summary…

Those are the main kind of scams that we’re going to cover however if you have any suggestions or want us to review anything else that you have come across and you’re not sure just send us an email.

We’re always looking to help and want to become the go to place for exposing scams. Our long term goal is to branch out into other industries too that we can review such as travel!